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Matt Kresch

Director, Product Marketing


Servitization is likely a familiar term to many field service organizations as leading companies around the world, from aerospace to oil and gas exploration, move from a traditional product-centric delivery model to a more service-centric one. In a global, commoditized economy, successful companies understand the need to differentiate themselves through service delivery. In fact, according...Read more
It’s a changing and challenging world for service-based organizations. Expansion into larger and even global markets brings with it a host of new concerns such as unfamiliar expectations, different…...Read more
No date is more crucial to the value of your brand than a deadline. Whether you hit it or you miss it, your clients’ perspective on what you offer them and how you stack up against your competition…...Read more
Collaboration is a mainstay of successful business interactions. By integrating talents and resources across individuals, teams, and even companies, you’re able to build on strengths to create success…...Read more