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a laptop computer sitting on top of a desk
a laptop computer sitting on top of a desk
With the April 2020 release of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, administrators will find a simplified configuration experience that makes it easier to discover and manage system settings to meet their organization’s unique needs. This simplified experience is available only for Unified Interface customers. The new App Settings area in the out-of-box Sales Hub application improves...Read more
a group of people sitting at a table using a laptop
a group of people sitting at a table using a laptop
Dynamics 365 Sales Professional was launched in Spring 2018 as a sales force automation solution to help small and medium-sized organizations automate their sales processes, analyze their business data, and grow their business without lengthy and costly implementations. With the February 2020 update, we’ve made it easy for customers to try Sales Professional. The trial...Read more
In today’s world, the job of salespeople is challenging. They are under more pressure than ever to deliver value to sophisticated customers who have a plethora of information at their disposal. On the flip slide, although customers today may be better informed, with the wealth of information and options available, they are increasingly overwhelmed. They...Read more
With the playbook feature in Dynamics 365 for Sales, organizations can automate repeatable sales activities and respond to external events by standardizing best practices that provide guided actions and contextual sales materials to sales representatives while closing deals....Read more