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The moving average inventory valuation method has been added to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. This method of inventory valuation is often used by retailers and wholesale distributors. A fourth product/item dimension (style) has been added to better enable Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) support across Microsoft Dynamics AX.Additionally, support for high volume sales processing has been...Read more
Setup principals for processing pallets in Microsoft Dynamics AX   So the scenario might be that in your warehouse you want to receive pallets of items using the arrival overview and arrival journals.  Here are some principals to remember when setting up and processing.   1.      You need to enable the pallet dimension on the...Read more
If you are seeing this make sure to check your license configuration found in System administration>Setup>Licensing>License configuration and look at the Warehouse management II>Pallets box.  If pallets is unchecked this will prevent warehouse and locations from printing on the counting sheet report.   ...Read more
We sometimes see issues regarding the carrier account number field.  How to get it to populate on a sales order and what it actually does.  Here is a typical question: “We set carrier account number on both the customer account record and on the delivery address and neither defaulted into the sales order header so...Read more
There is a function on the jobs form called Job Updating that has prompted many questions about just what the purpose of this function is. You can see it by opening a production or batch order that has been job scheduled, in the Action pane>Production order tab>Production details field group>All Jobs to open the Jobs...Read more
The preferred method is to use File, but you can also use.gif and .jpeg images as well.  I’m goingto use File in this example.  Start by creating a text file in Notepad Called Test WorkInstructions and save the file to a drive for example c:\temp Then in AX go to Production Control Parameters>LeanManufacturing>Production Instructions and...Read more