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Ray Smith
VP, Resilient & Sustainable Supply

Microsoft fuels digital transformation of supply chains for a resilient and sustainable future 

We are excited to share two new investments in Microsoft Dynamics 365 supply chain portfolio that we are launching in preview. We had announced a partnership between FedEx and Microsoft, in January of 2022, to launch a cross-platform, logistics-as-a-service solution for brands. This partnership is now in preview. As e-commerce is exploding, businesses are challenged
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Intelligence and collaboration converge in Dynamics 365 Sales 

Customers are looking for connected business applications to increase productivity and agility. With digital selling, it’s imperative to have a landscape of work tools that orchestrate seamlessly across a seller’s workflow. For the best outcome, solutions must offer automated and integrated workflows, enhanced with prescriptive, yet configurable intelligence. The combination of Microsoft Teams, LinkedIn, and
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Digital selling and customer engagement with Dynamics 365 Sales updates 

Selling is unpredictable and challenging. Sellers often lack visibility into the customer journey since buyers increasingly prefer to conduct self-service evaluation before engaging sellers. Sellers must juggle even more buyers—dispersed across roles, teams, and locations. And COVID-19 is upending traditional buying, with B2B buyers now overwhelmingly preferring digital buying experiences, a trend that is expected