Assess supply chain risk more easily in new workspace

Understanding risk enables businesses to take proactive actions to balance cost and resilience as they optimize their supply chains. The new supply risk assessment workspace in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management helps supply managers understand the risk of encountering sourcing shortages and delays.

Discover supply chain risk based on performance metrics

The supply risk assessment workspace helps you to discover risks to future planned purchases. Risk assessment considers the past performance of your suppliers or product metrics like purchase order delivery date confirmed as requested, on-time in-full deliveries (OTIF), on-time delivery (OT), and in-full delivery (IF).

The workspace also identifies single-sourced products that didn’t perform as expected so that you can change your order strategy for the future. You can build a supplier and product ranking, analyze it, and filter OTIF metrics over time or against other dimensions, such as delivery method or site.

Explore the supply risk assessment workspace

Begin your exploration in the supply risk assessment workspace, which provides views of products and vendors that fall outside your performance goals. Customize separate goals for OT, IF, OTIF, and other metrics in a dedicated configuration page.

Supply risk assessment workspace

Navigate directly from the workspace to Power BI reports to view product and vendor performance and ranking.

Supplier performance report

With the reports, you can:

  • Use filters to focus on specific legal entities, vendors, items, product groups, and vendor regions
  • Study performance history
  • Zoom in on specific time periods of concern
Supply risk assessment report
  • Identify risks for future purchases by mapping past OTIF observations to planned orders and suppliers
  • Select the most impacted products by potential risks translated into quantity and amount at risk and validate the assigned vendors
  • Drill in on specific products or vendors with their planned amounts and volumes at risk

Enable the workspace in feature management

To take advantage of the new capability, enable Assess supply risks to prevent supply chain disruptions in feature management. You can change default thresholds for your metrics in Supply risk assessment parameters to specify what you consider a risk for your business. By default, the threshold is set to 96%. Then navigate to the Supply risk assessment workspace to start your discovery.

Tip: Supply risk assessment workspace doesn’t show updated data?

The performance metrics have been added to the Purchase cube. If you are not using the Purchase cube for analysis yet, go to the Entity Store page, refresh the Purchase cube, and enable it also for automatic refresh.

You might need to select the Refresh data link to view the updated data in the workspace. If the link is not available, go to the Data set cache configuration and enable the cache consumer VendSupplyRiskCacheDataSet to turn on manual refresh.

Learn more

To get started using the new workspace, read the product documentation: Supply risk assessment overview | Microsoft Learn