New and Updated Documentation for AX2012 – March 2014

Since January 2014, we have published a series of updates to the online Help content.

New Online Help Content

Business process modeler (Lifecycle Services) 
Topics in this section include guidelines on how to use new features in the Business process modeler (BPM), such as marking features as not a gap, and copying diagrams from one process hierarchy to another. Audience: All

Issue search 
This topic includes information on how to search by AOT object name in Issue search. Audience:  Developer

Document management 
This topic includes commonly asked questions about document management. Audience: Application user

Configure document management 
This topic provides information about how you can configure document management for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2. The guidelines include a process diagram. Audience: Application user

Set up email receipts 
This topic includes information about how to configure email receipts for Retail. Audience: Application user