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Open Source Initiative logo Open source advances come from its community and Microsoft continues to increase its involvement and contributions. Microsoft participates in thousands of open source projects and has thousands of contributors to public open source organizations.
The Open Source Initiative is a cornerstone of open source communities and plays an important role in protecting and promoting open source software, educating the public, and building bridges across different constituencies. Microsoft supports those goals within the company, across the industry, and now, via its sponsorship of the OSI.
The work that the Open Source Initiative does is vital to the evolution and success of open source as a first-class element in the software industry. As Microsoft engages with open source communities more broadly and deeply, we are excited to support the Open Source Initiative’s efforts and to take part in the OSI community.
Today’s announcement represents one more step in Microsoft’s open source journey and our increased role in advocacy for the use, contribution, and release of open source software, both with our customers and the ecosystem at large.
For more information on Microsoft’s open source efforts, check out the Open Source at Microsoft site or contact
For more on this sponsorship, visit the OSI news page.

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