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Introducing pg_auto_failover: Open source extension for automated failover and high-availability in PostgreSQL 

When you’re building a new app, there is a lot you need to focus on. Behind the scenes, there is data stored somewhere, often in a Postgres database. Data is essential, and it needs to be accessible and available. Most of us don’t want to become a database expert early on, and instead focus on...Read more

What I learned in a year of Postgres – with Azure Database for PostgreSQL 

It’s our birthday! Azure Database for PostgreSQL became generally available exactly a year ago. From public preview to today, we’ve gone from mostly getting the “Postgres + Microsoft???” question to it not being as much of a surprise anymore. There’s an exciting road ahead, but an anniversary is a great time to look back and...Read more

Attention: MySQL & PostgreSQL Azure Terraform resource users 

We want to give a heads-up to Azure customers who are using Terraform to provision and manage MySQL and/or PostgreSQL. As planned, the Azure data team will deprecate their ‘2017-04-30-preview’ API for both MySQL and PostgreSQL on December 1, 2018. I know that you are asking yourself, “As a Terraform user, why do I care?”...Read more

Open Source Weekly: New Kubernetes community projects, SpringOne news, and more 

5-minute read + demos It was a big week at KubeCon, where we announced more Kubernetes community projects and partnerships that extend what you can do with Kubernetes and Azure, as well as new projects for serverless containers and Kubernetes-native DevOps. For KubeCon highlights, details on new Pivotal Cloud Foundry support across Azure and Azure...Read more

Live from Open Source Summit North America 

Today I’m in Los Angeles to give a keynote at Open Source Summit North America. As I’ve prepared for my talk, I’ve been reflecting on Microsoft’s open source journey, and all that has happened since last year’s event. I’ve talked to people inside and outside Microsoft about what this shift has meant for our customers,...Read more

Zoom on the InfoQ week, featuring BizSpark Plus startups! 

Four BizSpark Plus startups were interviewed by IT publication InfoQ France, following their participation at Microsoft Experiences conference last October. These startups have chosen Microsoft Azure for their technical architecture and to support their open source technologies. Discover their stories and their technological choices in the following articles (note: links are in French): Hadoop,...Read more