Kubernetes at scale with GitOps and Cluster API 

5 min read

As the requirements and software surrounding Kubernetes clusters grow along with the required number of clusters, the administrative overhead becomes overwhelming and unsustainable without an appropriate architecture and supportive tooling. This is especially true running Kubernetes at scale, having hundreds or thousands of clusters. Let’s look at how to ease cluster lifecycle management from a Read more

Join Microsoft at KubeCon and CloudNativeCon Europe 2023 

3 min read

Welcome to Amsterdam and KubeCon Europe 2023. I’m thrilled to see the continued importance of community and getting together to meet our friends and colleagues across the industry and around the world. As we come together in Amsterdam, there are significant headwinds and challenges facing us, but I’m confident that open-source and cloud-native computing are Read more

High-performance deep learning in Oracle Cloud with ONNX Runtime 

4 min read

This blog is co-authored by Fuheng Wu, Principal Machine Learning Tech Lead, Oracle Cloud AI Services, Oracle Inc. Enabling scenarios through the usage of Deep Neural Network (DNN) models is critical to our AI strategy at Oracle, and our Cloud AI Services team has built a solution to serve DNN models for customers in the Read more

Improve BERT inference speed by combining the power of Optimum, OpenVINO™, ONNX Runtime, and Azure 

5 min read

Make large models smaller and faster with OpenVino Execution Provider, NNCF and ONNX Runtime leveraging Azure Machine Learning. Read more

Faster inference for PyTorch models with OpenVINO Integration with Torch-ORT 

4 min read

Many developers opt to use popular AI Frameworks like PyTorch, which simplifies the process of analyzing predictions, training models, leveraging data, and refining future results. Read more