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Microsoft R Server 9.1 now available 

During yesterday’s Data Amp event, Microsoft announced the new Microsoft R Server 9.1, which is available now. In addition to several advanced machine learning algorithms from Microsoft, R Server 9.1 introduces pre-trained neural network models for sentiment analysis and mage featurization and supports SparklyR, SparkETL, and SparkSQL. This release also includes the updated Microsoft R Client, which is now...Read more

A behind-the-scenes look at launching SQL Server on Linux 

Last November, Microsoft announced the next release of the public preview of SQL Server on Linux and Windows. With that release, users could develop applications with SQL Server on Linux, Windows, Docker, or macOS (via Docker) and then deploy to Linux, Windows, or Docker, on-premises or in the cloud. In the two weeks following the...Read more

Now in Public Preview: SQL Server on Linux 

At Connect(); 2016, Microsoft announced the public preview of the next release of SQL Server on Linux and Windows. SQL Server helps developers and organizations to build intelligent applications with industry-leading performance and security technologies using their preferred languages and environments. This release brings the power of SQL Server to both Windows – and for...Read more