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Anantha Ramachandran
Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Dynamics 365 Marketing
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Improve customer relationships with AI driven market insights 

While you’re reading this, there are millions of people talking about brands and offering their opinions about your services or products online. Unfortunately, many businesses have opted to pretend that these conversations aren’t happening and guilty of burying their heads in the sand. However, advances in artificial intelligence are now making it much easier to

Build your brand with AI-driven market insights 

With three billion users worldwide, enterprises of all sizes can no longer afford to ignore the sentiment of online conversations about their brand. The number of social media channels and social messaging platforms continues to grow in a mobile-first digital world, and many leaders are focusing on addressing the challenges of providing customer-focused teams with
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3 myths of the B2B buyer’s journey 

The buyer’s journey map is one of the most powerful tools in a marketer’s kit—and often one of the most misunderstood. When created the right way, sourced from solid insights about buying behavior and motivations, marketers unlock secrets to the steps and decisions that move prospects to customers. When steps in the process are cut
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Discover customer and market insights with AI 

Extracting valuable insights from both social and web interactions is notoriously challenging. On paper, it’s a simple process of building a trusted relationship with your customers so that you can improve your reputation and secure a competitive advantage. However, if you’re not using the right tools, it can feel much more complicated than that. Emerging
4 min read

Lead nurturing – More than just email blasts 

Have you ever signed up for a mailing list thinking it will help you stay up to date on a product or service, only to find the future content to be mostly irrelevant? According to, 42 percent of buyers say they get annoyed when their content isn’t personalized. There’s a growing buyer expectations gap