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Francesca Brivio [MSFT]
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Performances hotfixes for the new Warehouse Management module 

Several partners and customers have raised support requests related to performances of the new WMS module. In addition to this, some code defects have been logged and addressed by Development. In the past months, several fixes and enhancements related to WHS performances were developed and released; these hotfixes were included in latest cumulative updates (CU9,
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Transportation scenario – Manual rating 

Scenario In some circumstances, rules for the calculation of transportation charges cannot be defined in advance. In this situation, companies may need to manually define the rate based on the information received from transporters/carriers. The manually defined rate should then be recorded in the system, so that freight bills and related invoices can be matched
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Transportation scenario – Freight not charged to customer 

Scenario Our Contoso company does not charge freight to customers (for instance because the sales price already takes into account transportation charges), but needs to pay the transporter for the freight amount. The key business requirements are: To exclude freight charges from the sales order invoice, as customer is not charged for transportation. To generate