Kati Unplugged: TriBridge Delivers ERP Cloud on the Customer's Terms

By Kati Hvidtfeldt, US Microsoft Dynamics ERP Cloud Lead


Microsoft Dynamics ERP offers customers the flexibility to choose between on-premises deployment, a variety of cloud deployment offerings delivered through the Microsoft Dynamics partner channel or a blend of both. Our partners help customers land on a deployment strategy that's cost-effective and right for their businesses. In this blog, Microsoft Dynamics partner TriBridge explains why the cloud solution was a good fit for a customer that divested from a larger company.  


In 2010, with more than a decade of experience supporting cloud and Microsoft ERP, Tribridge launched Concerto Cloud Services, which includes a state-of-the-art private cloud environment dedicated entirely to the Microsoft Dynamics community. Since that rollout, we've been amazed at the cloud adoption rate of our Microsoft Dynamics customers, and the business value they are deriving. One recent implementation highlights some of the factors that influence the decision to move to a cloud model.

Valet Waste, which provides recycling and waste removal for multi-family communities, was a subsidiary of a larger parent company. Due to a number of circumstances, Valet Waste was divested under a rapid timeframe-roughly 45 days. They developed a business plan with several growth scenarios. After evaluating a number of options, the company determined that the flexibility and familiarity that came with Microsoft Dynamics GP would best suit their needs. They also wanted to lower their IT infrastructure costs and minimize their datacenter footprint.

Valet Waste decided to evaluate the private cloud deployment option. After performing a Total Cost of Ownership comparison of operating costs, upfront infrastructure acquisition costs and software costs, the company determined the private cloud model was a "no-brainer" decision for their situation, for these reasons:

  • On-premise infrastructure acquisition, staging and implementation normally take 3-4 weeks alone, and the cloud infrastructure could be implemented the day of the contract signing.
  • By implementing Microsoft Dynamics GP in the cloud, Valet Waste was able to eliminate their ERP infrastructure footprint.
  • A total cloud deployment for all enterprise applications would significantly reduce Valet Waste's infrastructure spend.

The result: Valet Waste was able to go live in the cloud within 30 days of contract finalization. The company can now accommodate any of the projected growth models due to the elasticity of the cloud, and it was all accomplished for a lower TCO.

Stories like Valet Waste show the real power of the cloud on the customer's terms. To learn more about how Tribridge makes the power of the cloud work for customers, view this video. Hear actual experiences, actionable advice, and accurate expectations about implementing ERP in the cloud by joining Microsoft, TriBridge and Valet Waste for a live simulcast with Q & A on November 17, 2:00-3:00 pm, EST.