Automotive Parts Manufacturer Selects Dynamics AX for Agility & Efficiency

Based in North Carolina, the Cataler North America Corporation develops and manufactures catalysts for automobiles and motorcycles, in addition to leisure vehicles and lawn mowers. The company also provides activated carbon and other chemical materials that help clean the environment by regulating engine emissions. When Toyota forecast increased product demand that would necessitate expanding production capacity by 40 percent, Cataler knew the time had arrived for a stronger and more agile ERP solution that would improve process efficiencies and scale easily into the future.

The company chose Microsoft Dynamics AX based on its rich out-of-the-box functionality that still allows the flexibility to tailor the systems to Cataler’s unique manufacturing requirements, for example, the ability to track order components that morph between wet and dry states. Cataler expects that the intuitive user interface and integration will facilitate an increase in ERP usage by employees.

“By deploying Microsoft Dynamics AX, we will find more efficient ways to execute functions within finance, the supply chain, production administration, and quality control. We can also analyze production capacity to a greater extent. This should lead to improved production scheduling that will help us handle the expected 40 percent production increase.” Al Alvarez, General Manager, Cataler North America Corporation

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