Owner ID field became obsolete in Dynamics NAV

On MSDN it is written that the Owner ID field became obsolete and should be removed from specific pages. This means that anyone can start up the Windows Client and configure a Role Center without any restrictions. Reasoning behind this is explained in this small blog posting among a new approach that does give a better handling of this.

The Owner ID was removed from the profile table during the multitenant work. The Profiles are in the application table and can’t have references to users which are in the tenants. The feature itself was not that well thought through. On all other records we have a last person saving wins.

The proposed workaround / solution is to use a permission set per profile and use record level security to restrict access to that particular profile ID.

To resolve the issue and get the old behavior back, you need to create a new Permission Set. E.g.:

Following details:
Object Type   Object ID        Object Name         R/I/M/D   Security FIlter
Table Data     2000000072  Profile Metadata     Yes          Profile: Profile ID=ACCOUNTING MANAGER

After logging on with a user in configuration mode that has two permission sets applied (BASIC and TEST PROFILE) with a profile called IT Manager, it is no longer possible to change the role center and make changes.

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Marco Mels
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