Together, SAP and Microsoft Dynamics AX Deliver the Best of Both Worlds

If you’re heading to SAPPHIRE NOW looking for ways to increase agility & drive innovation while lowering TCO and increasing user adoption, you may be wondering whether a two-tier ERP model could help your company gain agility and reduce implementation costs. Since Gartner Research reported that “companies are seeing a 33% reduction in implementation costs and a 50% decrease in total time to full implementation when a two-tiered system is executed,” many CIOs are actively exploring options for secondary ERP.

The Gartner report offers compelling evidence in support of the two-tier model, as do testimonials from some widely recognized global brands that have chosen to extend their SAP implementation using Microsoft Dynamics AX. Click through the links below to learn more, or browse additional customer stories on the Microsoft Dynamics customer stories page. 

  • Delta Airlines has run SAP on the backend for many years, but turned to Microsoft Dynamics AX when they needed to rapidly deploy customer-facing retail applications. Today, all of Delta’s inflight transactions run through a mobile application built on Microsoft Dynamics AX. Learn more.
  • Nissan runs SAP in their global headquarters. But when the automotive giant needed a solution that would allow them to rapidly onboard dealerships, they chose to build their dealer management solution on Microsoft Dynamics AX. The dealer management solution provides a flexible, affordable solution that helps dealers connect more closely with customers, while enabling Nissan corporate to aggregate data from hundreds of global dealerships for analysis and reporting in SAP.  Learn more.
  • European industrial giant, Würth Group also employs a two-tier ERP model, deploying Microsoft Dynamics AX to its subsidiaries and maintaining a legacy SAP deployment at its German headquarters. With more than 400 subsidiaries in 84 countries, Microsoft Dynamics AX helps Würth Group rapidly bring on new businesses, ensures consistent application of business rules, and enables rapid implementation of industry-specific functionality. Learn more.  
  • At Microsoft, while we could have chosen to roll-out AX from financials and out we have instead taken a ROI led approach and have therefore started to rollout Dynamics AX in the operational areas where we can get the highest and fastest ROI and are continuing to leverage SAP to run our core financials. We rely on Microsoft Dynamics AX as an “innovation layer” to quickly rollout functionality to employees throughout the organization, while maintaining a single source of enterprise business information in SAP. We rely on the fast configuration and reconfiguration of AX to deploy new applications to support innovation and capitalize on new opportunities. Learn more.

Stop by the Microsoft booth at SAPPHIRE NOW and let’s talk about how a two-tier ERP strategy can deliver the best of both worlds: organizational agility and flexibility for your operations, while maintaining information visibility and transactional integrity in the core SAP systems.