Avoid Disruptions in Your Supply Chain

Running a growing business is never easy.  As many small or midsized manufacturers and distributors well know, changing economic conditions, evolving customer demands, and unreliable suppliers are a few common supply chain disruptions.  Identifying weak links is the key to making course corrections before your customers are left dissatisfied and your profit margins get squeezed.  Get greater control over the many moving parts of your supply chain and avoid disruptions with a business solution from Microsoft.

A comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution can provide the control and insight you need to manage an efficient supply chain as well as be prepared for potential supply chain interruptions.  View the infographic “Five Ways to Make Your Supply Chain More Dynamic” and learn how a business solution from Microsoft can help you:

  • Base decisions on more than a hunch
  • Embrace changing customer behavior and needs
  • Avoid disruptions to your business
  • Work from actuals, not guesstimates
  • Know what your customers want before they do

In addition to gaining insight into your supply chain, a business solution from Microsoft offers powerful predictive analysis tools you can use to create ‘what if’ scenarios to see how certain fluctuations can impact your ability to manufacture or distribute products to your customers.  You can manipulate a number of variables to see how changes to your supply chain can impact open orders, delivery times, inventory levels, and cash flow.  Once you know what can happen, you can develop strategic plans to outmaneuver these potential risks. 

Turn your supply chain into an in-stock, on time, everything is where it needs to be operation with a quick to implement, easy to use business solution from Microsoft and reduce the chance for disruptions that can halt production and lead to unsatisfied customers.  Take a test drive today and register for our live or on-demand webcasts to learn more about our solutions for small and midsized businesses.

ERP in SMB-Infographic_SupplyChain_Final_June 2014.pdf