Deploy the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 Client as an Azure RemoteApp Program

One common refrain that we have heard from customer/partners around our Dynamics AX R3 offering in Microsoft Azure, through LifeCycle Services is that we need to provide capabilities to reduce the cost of operations. About a month ago we introduced prescriptive guidance and runbooks to enable cost management for demo, develop and test topologies. This month we are introducing guidance and virtual machine images for native Azure RemoteApp integration to both Test and High Availability topologies. By leveraging Azure RemoteApp with LCS AX R3 deployments we allow our customers/partners to eliminate 2 tiers of virtual machines (Remote Desktop and Client) in the architecture and replace them with a Microsoft managed PaaS offering in Azure RemoteApp. As a result there is a twofold savings; first by eliminating Virtual Machines the monthly cost of running that infrastructure is slashed and second operation or, servicing of, management of the Virtual machine infrastructure for 2 tiers in the architecture disappears. For this announcement we have made the AX R3 CU9 Azure RemoteApp client image available and will follow up shortly with a CU8 image. For the whitepaper and artifacts please see the article on Customer Source, Deploy the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 Client as an Azure RemoteApp Program.