Over picking in Dynamics AX 2012 R3 CU10 for sales orders and transfer orders

In the recently released CU10 update we are introducing a new over picking feature. It is also available with KB 3107010 on LCS. This blog post will take you through the details of feature and for which scenarios it is aimed for.


In the warehouse operations we are handling goods in different ways and in different unit of measures.

Inventory can be stored in barrels, pallets, boxes, pieces and many other units. Same item can be stored in different handling units and can be picked from those handling units as requested in the quantities specified in source documents like sales orders and transfer orders.

What is important in warehousing processes is to be as fast and as lean as possible in order to save time and effort, when picking and shipping items.

So in a normal picking scenarios we can easily end in a situation where e.g. the sales order line tells us to pick 50 L of water due that customer requires that, but our packaging is maybe in 60 L barrels. In order to pick the 50 L, picker will need to open 60 L barrel and basically use time and effort to move 50 L in another barrel in order to be able to ship correct quantities.  That requires extra time and effort.

Same experience could be with pallets, as for example, where customer ordered 98 and the pallet contains 100, saving time will be to ship 100 instead of opening the pallet to restructure to 98 pieces.

The other example could be if the picker cannot define how much is picked until later in the process.

Let’s assume that we need to pick corn, customer ordered 30 Tons of corn, machinery will be used to fill the truck with the corn or bags might be loaded instead. Normal process is that when truck is loaded, it will go to the weight scale and employees might experience that measurements shown more than 30 T, let’s say 30 T and 500 Kg. if the customer needs to pay for delivered goods and not what is on order, there is a need to record over picked quantity. Going back with truck or unloading those extra 500 Kg is for many organizations not possible due to extra time and effort needed. You will just want to send that truck to customer as soon as possible with correct information but with no extra effort and time needed.

In many organizations this kind of situations can be avoided if the system supports possibility in the Warehouse for controlled over picking scenarios.

Functionality can be used, as for example, for following business scenarios in the warehouse:

  • Compensation for shrinkage during picking or shipment
  • Ability to avoid to unpack certain packaging material in picking process
  • Compensate for the item damages during transportation
  • Be able to ship quantity or unit of measure variance
  • Minimize breaking of quantities on License plates
  • Avoid material waste, scarcity of the expensive materials.
  • Post pick measurement of the picked quantity (example with a lorry weighting).

What was our goal?

In the new Microsoft Dynamics 2012 R3 CU10 update, we have introduced possibility to process controlled over picking on the mobile scanner during the picking work.

We have decided to do that for both Sales order and Transfer order picking and processing.

Our goal was to enable the possibility to choose if a customer should be invoiced for picked quantity or for the quantity specified on the source document line “The ordered quantity”.

Our goal was as well to be able to control who of the picking workers can do the over picking and if that is for both transfer and sales order to make system as flexible as possible.

At the same time, we wanted to enable visibility of the over picking feature on the bar code scanner to be configured separately for mobile device menus, regardless if the worker has permission to over pick or not.

Minimizing maintenance and keeping flexibility of the setup was the goal.

How did we do it?

We have used already existing functionality for over delivery on Sales order and Transfer order source documents, where we can define how much in percentage do we allow to be over delivered.

In order to enable over picking on the mobile device, we have added a check box on the menu item itself, to enable over picking for that particular menu item. However even if the worker has the barcode scanner menu that includes the menu item for sales order picking where we have enabled over picking, worker setup for over picking must be enabled same time on worker form as well.  Only if both enabled, over picking can be processed using the mobile device.

Please note that flexibility is kept in the sense that if we have many mobile device menus and we do not know exactly where we have enabled over picking, and we want to disable possibility for a certain worker to over pick, we can simply switch it off on the worker setup without changing the menus and menu items.

However, if we want to disable over picking for all, we can go to menu item for example sale order picking and disabling it there all of the workers who have that menu item in their menu setups for barcode scanners will not be able to over pick anymore.

Setup on the worker form:

Go to Warehouse management > Setup > Work users > Worker > Users.

Please note above that you can setup sales order and transfer order over picking separately on each worker setup.

Setup on the menu item:

Go to Warehouse management > Setup > Mobile Device > Mobile device menu items.

Please note: When over picking is enabled it will fully respect limits set for over delivery on the line level of the transfer orders and sales orders. If the limit is exceeded, employee will be notified on the mobile device that they are exceeding the limit.

Step by Step use:

When work has been generated, and above setup is enabled we are ready for over picking.

Here we will give an example of how we can over pick quantity on the sales order line respecting the limits for over delivery that are given.

We will create a sales order for item A0001 with a quantity of 10, and enable over delivery of 10 percent on the delivery tab on the sales order line itself.

We will then reserve and release quantity as we usually do and work to pick 10 will be generated.

After that we can start the sale order picking menu item on the RF gun (make sure that user that is logging on the mobile device is the one with enabled over picking configuration).

We enter work ID and we can see that we have a new button for over picking.

If we decide to over pick we will select “Over Pick” and following screen will show. Please note that we have entered 14 which exceeds over delivery limits set of 10%. Our limits allow us to over pick 1, so 11 in total.

If we try to do with 14, the system will generate a message on the RF gun that limits are exceeded:

Entering the right quantity of 11 we can proceed with over pick and later put.

If we look what was updated behind the scenes, we look first at the work line that is not closed. We can see that work has been updated to 11 pcs as that was the total quantity picked during over picking.

Looking at the shipment and load, we have updated line of 11 pcs as well.

However, if we are looking at the source document line itself, in this case sales order line, we can see that we still keep original quantity of 10. We do not update that on purpose in order to be able to invoice the customer on either ordered or picked quantity.

Please note, that if you invoice the ordered amount the “non-invoiced” quantity remains in a Deducted status (physical update, no financial update).

Please see below from another sample where we have ordered 3 ea, picked 5, and invoiced 3.

Thanks for reading, and if you have any comments or feedback about this feature, please leave a comment below.

Please note: Similar functionality for raw material picking called “Round up work for raw material picking” will be released with KB number 3120530. This feature will round to  the UOM, and thereby enable over picking for raw material picking through the rounding concept.