Capturing Repro Scenarios Using Windows Steps Recorder

As mentioned in an earlier blog post, Microsoft relies on a detailed repro scenario in order to quickly resolve any incidents that you submit to us. Windows includes a tool exists that can be used to easily document the complete steps necessary for reproducing a given problem in Dynamics NAV, preferably using an unmodified Cronus database.

Please note that this article covers Steps Recorder in Windows 10, but it is also available in Windows 7, 2008 R2, 8 and 2012.

Also note that the steps will be recorded in accordance with the language of the PC, on which Steps Recorder is being run. This should be a consideration, when producing a file to be included with a case and English is preferable, to maximize the number of engineers, who would be able to review it.

The Steps Recorder (formerly known as Problem Steps Recorder), automatically capture the steps taken by a user on a computer, including a text description of where they clicked and a screen shot taken at each click. Once the steps have been captured, they can be saved to a file, which can be used by the Dynamics NAV support professional, in analysing and reproducing the issue.

Using Steps Recorder

  1. To use the Steps Recorder, simply type psr in the Windows search bar and then choose Steps Recorder.
    The default number of screen captures which will be recorded, is 25, but this can be increased to a maximum of 100.

    1. To change the default number of screen captures, click on the drop-down arrow next to the Help icon, and then choose Settings.
    2. Optionally, in the Steps Recorder Settings window, change the save location of the resulting file.
  2. In order to start recording a scenario, press Start Record, then go through the sequence of steps needed to replicate the issue in Dynamics NAV, remembering to include any setup changes from the Cronus default values.
    Screenshots are recorded, as you click your way through the scenario in Dynamics NAV.  A red dot is visible while doing so, to indicate this.
  3. Optionally, during the recording session, choose the Add Comment button, in order to highlight an area of the screen and leave a comment or question.
  4. The recording may be paused at any time. Press Stop Record, when the recreation steps have been completed in Dynamics NAV and the issue has been demonstrated.

It is then possible to review the steps and screen shots, before saving them as a file.

Please ensure that the steps which have been recorded, only contain information relevant to the problem.

The resulting file can be extracted and then opened, using a web browser, such as Internet Explorer.


Best regards,

The Microsoft Support team