Account-Based Marketing? Try Account-Based Everything!

By now you’ve probably heard of account-based marketing. However, if you only focus on the marketing element, you’re missing out on some pretty meaty details. The new trend is Account-Based Everything:  the coordination of personalized marketing, sales development, and customer success efforts to drive engagement and conversion at a targeted set of accounts.

Get the insider's info on Account-Based Everything

Craig Rosenberg knows all about this value-added approach and how important it can be to your business and the bottom line. As the Co-Founder and Chief Analyst at TOPO, a fast growing research and advisory firm, Craig uses his expertise on Account-Based Everything to show other companies the benefits of this approach including:

  • The 5 defining characteristics of Account Based Everything
  • The macro drivers powering the movement from Marketing to Everything
  • How to impact 3 critical revenue objectives
  • The alignment points for delivering personalization at scale
  • A framework for getting started


To learn more, join Craig Rosenberg and Barb Giamanco, CEO of Social Centered Selling, for our Meet the Experts Live! Webinar: Account Based Everything on June 22 at 2PM ET. 


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