How to setup Polish Standard Audit File in AX2009

This article is published on behalf of Svetlana Kosheleva. The attached document will describe how to configure the Polish Standard Audit file regulatory update in AX 2009 released with KB 3165114


From 1 July 2016, taxpayers in Poland will be obliged to transmit data in a unified format, the so called Standard Audit File (SAF) at the request from tax authorities.

The listed reports below have been updated:

•Accounting books
•Bank statement
•VAT invoices
•VAT register

A new functionality which enables the extraction of data in accordance with logical structure defined by tax authorities has been prepared in order to build the SAF. The feature was implemented using Application Integration Framework (AIF) services and XSL transformation (XSLT). XSLT allows setting up the selection of Dynamics-relater requisites and mapping them to the e-report elements. In addition, we can set up the relation between VAT codes and e-report elements using Tax reporting codes