Streamline payroll processing and optimize international payroll operations with Dynamics 365 for Talent: Human Resources and Ceridian Dayforce

Now available in public preview, Dynamics 365 for Talent integration with Ceridian Dayforce. Talent and Ceridian are helping organizations streamline payroll processing and optimize international payroll operations, engage and manage employees globally, and empower operators with real-time labor costs around the world. Payroll processing is an essential business function that can be time consuming and error prone, but together Talent and Ceridian are now providing a seamless payroll experience for your organization. When errors do happen, employees get frustrated and HR must step in to fix issues and make sure paychecks are accurate. Talent and Ceridian are helping to alleviate this frustration and reduce errors. This preview enables organizations in North America to manage employee information in Talent to be used in Ceridian Dayforce to pay employees.
Human resources and payroll configuration data, along with worker data, is created and maintained within Talent, while payroll processing is done within Ceridian Dayforce. Integrate the data in ways that meet your business needs by choosing how often you want the integration to run and what companies you’d like to have included. Once a pay run is complete in Dayforce, the resulting general ledger transactions can be imported Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations or a different ERP. 
The integration uses the following broad categories of data:
• Human resources data
• Compensation data
• Payroll data, including pay cycle, pay periods, and earning codes
• Worker data

Configure fast and without any hassle

Configuring the integration is simple. There’s no mapping for you do to do, Talent does it for you. Simply select the companies you’d like to include in the integration, provide connection information and tell Talent how often you’d like the integration to occur. Once configuration is complete, Talent passes the data you already have setup to Dayforce to generate pay runs.

Deliver a connected employee experience

Make sure employees have the information they need by adding links to access their payroll information on employee self-service. Once links are added, employees have access to their paystubs and other pay related information all from a single location.

Close the loop with accounting

Keep your general ledger in Finance and Operations update to date with pay run results. Once pay runs are complete, configure Finance and Operations to look for the resulting files. An Azure Storage account allows you to push files to a known location for Finance and Operations to pick up and import into the General Ledger  using Finance and Operations’ data management framework. Dayforce provides an integration template for you so there’s no mapping for you to do. If you’d like to integrate with a different ERP, you can change the template to meet your needs.

Try it today!

Get started by enabling these public preview features. If you aren't using Talent: Human Resources, try it out using our 60 day trial
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