Innovating to help small to medium size business embrace digitalization

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Now more than ever, small to medium size businesses (SMBs) need to embrace digitalization to pivot quickly as market dynamics change. In the modern world, business no longer happens in one place and there is no longer a standard nine to five schedule. Customers’ expectations have changed, as have the way and where we work. The one thing we can count on is change. And yet, as we meet with SMB leaders, many are locked into legacy enterprise resource planning (ERP) or light accounting systems that simply do not support change, let alone provide the insights needed to make decisions faster and connect with their customers in real-time.

Our question for SMB leaders is, “When every day, every minute, brings something new—are you ready for what’s next? The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central team is dedicated to helping SMBs embrace digitalization, and the 2020 release wave 2 updates focus on meeting the demands of our rapidly growing customer base.

We launched our next evolution of Microsoft Dynamics 365 NAV and Microsoft Dynamics 365 GP just over two years ago. Bringing together the productivity of Microsoft Office 365, the process optimization of Microsoft Dynamics 365, the data connectivity and business intelligence of the Microsoft Power Platform, and the security, scale, and geographic presence of Microsoft Azure. We’ve unified all those assets through Dynamics 365 Business Central to help our SMB customers take control of their business operations to improve productivity, reduce operational costs, and keep the pace with the ever-growing speed of business.

Dynamics 365 Business Central connects teams across finance, sales, service, supply chain, and manufacturing with a single application to help SMBs adapt faster, work smarter, and perform better.

diagram of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Adapt faster—move to the cloud with confidence

Embracing digital transformation requires the ability to innovate and adopt new business models faster. While Dynamics 365 Business Central has always offered flexible deployment models, reliability, security, and an adaptable solution that grows with you—this release provides improvements to further safeguard data, provide seamless service, and improve application performance. A new performance toolkit and telemetry visibility for partners through Microsoft Azure Insights will help minimize disruptions when moving to the cloud.

Screenshot of telemetry visibility for partners

Work smarter—unlock productivity and business insights

A core objective of Dynamics 365 Business Central is to connect people, processes, and insights to make better decisions faster with embedded guidance, dashboards, and interoperability with Office 365. This release expands on that competency with an exciting new Microsoft Teams app that lets you access your business data directly within Teams. With proper access and security, workers can quickly share details with your team and respond faster to inquiries.

  • Paste a link to any Dynamics 365 Business Central record into chat, and it will expand that into a compact card to share with your coworkers.
  • View card details, edit data, and take action without ever leaving Teams—at your desk, at home, or on the go.
  • Coming soon! Look up Dynamics 365 Business Central data directly within Teams.

Access your business data from directly within Teams

Perform betterincrease financial visibility and insight

For SMBs, connected data is critical for business continuity. Improving customer, supply chain, and operational experiences is only possible with real-time cash flow and business metrics. It’s no secret that digital SMBs are better equipped to pivot faster and prepare for future market volatility. We continue to invest in capabilities that help our customers optimize financial performance through faster close processes, shorter cycle times, and better insights. The new Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Company Hub increases insight into business performance across multiple companies and subsidiaries for our customers.

Screenshot of the new Business Central Company Hub

Stay connected with the 2020 release wave 2

With this new release, we are helping SMBs keep the pace with the ever growing speed of business, by helping them be faster, smarter, better—not just today, but every day. We have several opportunities for you to learn more about our investments in Dynamics 365 Business Central: