Disabling opt-in model in Field Service and Project Service applications on Unified Interface framework (version 8.x and 3.x)

The platform recently shipped a setting for Unified Interface framework only. In the near future, this setting will be enabled by default. In support of this, beginning on May 17th, Field Service v8.x and Project Service v3.x will begin to be made the default solutions available through AppSource. Depending on an instance’s geography, the default version changes may happen shortly thereafter.

While this will not block customers that are currently using the web interface, in new instances created after this change takes effect, customers will need to toggle this new setting to get back to the old interface.

This is a change to our previous policy of only enabling Field Service v7.x and Project Service v2.x by default. In future Field Service v8.x and Project Service v3.x will no longer exist behind an opt-in for paid instances; they will become the standard versions available. This is part of an effort to encourage users to adopt the improved interface and phase out the legacy functionality.

As of May 17th, customers that want a new instance with the legacy FS v7.x or PS v2.x will need to contact support with their instance details so support can enable their new orgs for the old versions of FS and PS.

  • Any instances enabled for the legacy versions (FS v7/PS v2) cannot already have the latest versions (FS v8/PS v3) installed. If they do, the process will fail.
  • Instance copies should bring across the same configuration from the source instance to the target; however, in AppSource, instances which are copied will only see default AppSource experience (which will show the newest versions available for upgrade) until the instance is requested to be enabled for the legacy versions.

All existing instances with the legacy versions of FS or PS currently installed will be automatically enabled to continue to receive updates for the legacy versions.

When ready to upgrade to the newest version, any org enabled for the legacy versions will need to submit a request with support to make the upgrade available from AppSource.

Note: Support requests related to this switch should not be submitted before May 17th