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Applies to: Dynamics 365 Layout (build 109.1907.10002.0)

The Dynamics 365 Layout team is pleased to announce the availability of the following features and improvements in the July update:

  • Locked layouts
  • Improved experience for HoloLens 2
  • Localization support on HoloLens 2

Locked layouts

Now you can lock a layout to prevent unintentional changes.

To lock a layout, air tap Lock layout in the sidebar menu. This locks the current layout for editing.

Locked layout


After a layout has been locked, if someone selects a model in the layout, on the third consecutive attempt, a pop-up will appear to let them know that the layout is locked for editing. A similar pop-up is displayed when attempting to place a model from the Layout menu into the current layout.

Locked layout message


A lock graphic is displayed in the top right corner of the layout tile.


To unlock a layout, air tap Unlock layout in the sidebar menu. Anyone can unlock a layout.

Improved experience for HoloLens 2

The Layout team has worked hard to provide the best in-app experience on HoloLens 2.  Layout is automatically downloaded and installed on HoloLens 2 during the HoloLens 2 start-up experience. You can use your existing Azure Active Directory credentials to sign in to HoloLens 2 and use Layout.

If you don’t have an active Layout subscription, try the app for free for up to 90 days.

Localization support on HoloLens 2

Starting with the July update, you can use Layout in the following locales on HoloLens 2:

  • US
  • Canada (English and French)
  • UK
  • Australia
  • Germany
  • France
  • China
  • Japan
  • Taiwan (no speech support)
  • Hong Kong (no speech support)


Localized layout

The Layout app uses the locale you choose when you set up HoloLens 2.

Note that voice for the room-scan process is not supported for non-English languages in this update.

For more information on any of these new features, see the Dynamics 365 Layout User guide.

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