August 2019 update of Dynamics 365 Layout simplifies room-scanning process

Applies to: Dynamics 365 Layout (build 110.1908.13005.0)

The Dynamics 365 Layout team is pleased to announce the August 2019 update, which makes it quicker and easier to scan a room when you start creating a layout.

The previous process required that you scan a ceiling to start the layout design process. This can be an impediment in locations with tall ceilings, however–especially in manufacturing environments. Scanning the ceiling is now optional.

When you start the room-scanning process, Layout asks you to scan the floor and orient it, if required.

Room-scan process

As soon as you’re done scanning and orienting the floor, you can start placing your models in your new layout. If you want to add a ceiling or walls, select the Add ceiling or Add walls button.

Add walls or ceiling

For more information on creating a layout, see the Dynamics 365 Layout user guide.