Device Readings (visualizations) with Field Service & IoT is now available in preview

We are excited to announce the preview availability of Device Readings, a new experience that provides compelling visualizations in Connected Field Service (CFS) by leveraging the power of IoT.

Field service users can now visualize the historical telemetry measurements for the IoT devices, along with the recent repair history of the asset. This helps to understand if the ‘IoT Alerts’ in CFS are isolated events, or part of a pattern. Such time correlation can also guide the technicians to perform the right type of repair to minimize any additional disruptions for their customers. This embedded visualization, powered by Azure Time Series Insights (preview), is available throughout the service process across IoT Alerts, Service Cases and Workorders.

To get started with this capability in your Connected Field Service deployment, checkout this article:

Device Readings with CFS & TSI


These embedded visualizations are just the foundation for additional advanced scenarios, moving from time correlation to automatic causation analysis in the future for identifying the next best action. If you have additional ideas on how to improve the Connected Field Service experience through analytics, please feel free to suggest them on the Ideas community portal.


Device Readings CFS TSI Demo

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