Enhancements and Bug Fixes for Field Service Version

Applies to: Field Service version on Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement version 9.x

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Field Service enhancements


  • As mentioned in our April ’19 Release Notes, we’re shipping an improvement to multi-resource work order management with our Crew Management feature.
    • This feature makes it significantly simpler for an organization to adopt our crew feature, formalizing and automating work completion around three key crew work management strategies:
      • Crew Leader Management
        • Crew Leader Management enables the definition of a child resource as the crew’s leader and ensures that other member’s bookings are updated based on the changes driven by the crew leader.
        • All non-leader members are restricted from updating certain fields to ensure smooth operation of the crew, crew status, crew’s booking timestamps, booking journals, and the actuals that are eventually created when the work is complete.
      • Crew Member Self-Management
        • Crew Member Self-Management allows the crew to be managed as a whole up to the point where work begins, at which point it allows each crew member to manage their own booking to ensure accurate capture of work completion.
        • All members become the master of their own booking as soon as work begins to allow more flexibility and freedom for organizations where members are scheduled as a group but don’t have a single resource that drives the status of all members.
      • Cascade and Accept Completely
        • This strategy enables Field Service crews to work exactly as they do, today; all crew members’ bookings will update all other crew members’ bookings any time a change is made to a cascaded field.
    • Entity Changes:
      • Field Service Settings (in the Work Order/Booking tab):
        • Default Crew Strategy (new field)
          • When creating a new crew resource, this will define the default value of the Crew Strategy field.
          •  If blank, system assumes “Cascade and Accept Completely
      • Booking Resource Group (in the General tab):
        • Crew Member Type (new field)
          • When creating a Bookable Resource Group record (drives definition of crew members) this field shows up if the related crew has a strategy of “Leader Management.”
          • Enables definition of crew members as Leaders or Members.
          • For non-leader managed crews, this is set to “None.”
      • Bookable Resource Booking (in the Field Service tab):
        • Crew (new field)
          • Read-Only
          • If the Booking is related to a crew, on save of the Booking, this field will be auto-populated with the specific related crew.
        • Crew Member Type (new field)
          • When bookings are created against a crew, this field drives the crew member’s role and system behaviors will be enforced based on this field value.
          • When a booking is created, if the related crew is leader managed, this field will populated with either “Leader” or “Member” based on who the leader is of the crew at the Start Time of the booking when initially scheduled.
          • For non-leader managed crew bookings, the value will be set to “None” by default.
          • Hide “Invoice Recurrence” ribbon command in the Agreement Invoice Setup record when opened in the Web client.
          • New Field Service rule for the Solution Health Hub which confirms that the system has one, correctly created Field Service Settings record.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Invoice Generation from Agreement Invoice Date generates 1 day early if the Agreement Owner’s Time Zone is positive (+01:00).
    • This has been resolved in a way that will not automatically impact any orgs at this time, in an effort to avoid customer disruption.
    • Specific resolution steps to be published on Field Services FAQs page.
  • Fixed: Under specific circumstances, Work Orders do not auto-generate when the latest date is on the same day as the earliest day on an Agreement Booking Date.
  • Fixed: Purchase Order Receipt Product quick create form behavior when changing Associated to Warehouse and Associate to Work Order.
  • Fixed: Invoices generated from Agreement Invoice Setups missing Invoice Products when default Unit Group of Product does not match Unit Group of Agreement Invoice Product.
  • Fixed: French Work Order System Status option set translations.
  • Fixed: Work Order Incident creates another default view with the same guid as existing default view.
  • Fixed: Browser compatibility issue causing script error in certain browsers for workorder.library.js.
  • Fixed: Estimate Subtotal Amount field on Work Order is wrongly applied with currency exchange rate.
  • Fixed: Field Service Health – Error when exporting the default solution due to exception for items with the same key.

Connected Field Service (CFS) enhancements


  • Solution Health Checker: New rules have been added for Connected Field Service in solution health checker for below scenarios:
    • Checks for a large volume of alerts in a day, potentially indicating duplicate alerts.
    • When IoT Alert entity out-of-box schema with fields such as Alert Data, Alert Time and Device Id isn’t used, a warning is created. Using these fields are recommended for optional CFS solution usage.

 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: In Device Readings chart, changing time range invalidates all measurement selections.
  • Fixed: When a Customer Asset is registered with IoT Hub, the DeviceId field in Customer Asset is not updated.
  • Fixed: When receiving an alert with Azure IoT Central through the flow template, Alert URL opens in “rules” tab on IoT Central instead of opening the device page.
  • Fixed: Microsoft Flow templates for CFS that utilize the Dynamics 365 connector have been deprecated and marked appropriately within Flow. We recommend creating new flows using the Common Data Service (CDS) connector.
  • Fixed: Unable to associate an existing case via IoT Alert using the CFS Business Process Flow.