Release Notes for Field Service Mobile app version 11.3 and mobile project template version 1.0.2735

Field Service Mobile: Version 11.3

A new version of Field Service Mobile for Windows, iOS, and Android has been released! Here are fixes and updates you can expect:

– Fixed update address button error message

– Fixed unresponsive iOS buttons

– Disabled password clearing for OAuth

– Fixed SQLite error during loading configuration

– Add logging of sync filters

– Minimum Android version is now 5.0

– Fixed date picker on Android

– PushRegistrationIntentService start fixed for Android 8+

– Android reminders fixed

– Added missing barcode scanning permission

– Ability to clear logs

– Double message popup prevention added

– Bluetooth scanner functionality

– Auto-setting of CRM timezone

– Added handler for JSBridge method isInternetConnected

– Ability to call ExecuteWorkflowAction JSBridge method with an EntityReference parameter

– Enforced minimum for GPS Age and Accuracy

– Changed deep link schema to fsmobile

– Fixed issue on iOS where user was not prompted to grant “Always” location permission to app

– Changed Location Tracking Title and added a message body for Android location tracking notifications

– Fixed saving of offline Booking Signatures

– Compatible with Azure Blob Storage for note attachments

– Field Level Permissions defined in Dynamics 365 now respected


Mobile Project Template Version 1.0.2735

A new mobile project template has also been released. A mobile project contains all customizations of the Field Service Mobile app. This is where you can add/remove/change fields, entities, views, forms etc. Note: If you are using the previous mobile project template (version 1.0.1322) you should import the new project as a derivative of the previous original base project. As an example, you should have imported v1.0.1322 as a base project and then made a derivative of it where customizations are added. Import and overwrite the new mobile project v1.0.2735 in the base project.  See more information here.

Download the latest mobile project at

– Removed “Failed” error that happens when backing out of Scan Customer Asset 

– Added filters so that app does not sync inactive records 

– Ignore ‘seconds’ part when calculating current time in TravelingCalculations.js

– Added sync filter for booking timestamps

– Added ability for CFS to embed PowerBI to forms 


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