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Unable to deploy AX 2012 default SRS reports – Error: The network path was not found

Recently we ran into a strange issue where we were unable to deploy the AX 2012 default SRS reports. Attempting to do so from the AX development client or through the AX management Shell returned the error below.

The network path was not found.
If User Account Control (UAC) is enabled on the machine, close the application, right-click the application, and then click Run as administrator.

Although the error suggest the issue to be caused by not having administrative permission when deploying the reports. We found this not to be the case.

Through taking a network trace and reviewing the source code we found the issue to be caused by the “Remote Registry Service” being stopped.

After starting the “Remote Registry Service” through “Start/Administrative Tools/Services” deployment of AX 2012 default SRS reports was successful.

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