AX Content: Curating Microsoft Dynamics AX Resources

Today, people are flooded with more information than they can possibly take in. For example, a quick search on for “Dynamics AX 2012” will get you almost 3 million results. How can you find all of the important information that you want about a specific subject without spending loads of time searching the web? Curah! is there to help. While Curah! is not a Microsoft Dynamics AX specific site, I believe it will be a valuable tool for us Microsoft Dynamics AX professionals now and in the future.

What is Curah!? Think of Curah! like Pinterest, except for text. Instead of curating a board of images from all over the web, you’re curating links from all over the web.

For example, I’ve created my first curation at Curah! called “Microsoft Dynamics AX:  SEPA mandates“. With this curation I have compiled all of the useful links – that I could find – to information about SEPA and Microsoft Dynamics AX specific SEPA functionality into one article. I have links to important white papers, hotfixes, support articles, and blog posts; all of which are about SEPA and Microsoft Dynamics AX. Now, I may not have found all of the important information to link to, but that is what the “feedback” link is for. If you know that there are other useful articles, blog posts, or web sites that would be good to list among the other links, send me feedback saying so.

Below are just a few additional Curah! articles related to Microsoft Dynamics AX that you might also find useful:

If you are a Microsoft Dynamics AX expert yourself, I bet that you have your own informal curations of useful AX-specific websites, blog posts, forum posts, or white papers that you currently have saved as favorites in your browser, or links in a OneNote document. If you do, I challenge you to create your own Curah! profile and share your favorite Microsoft Dynamics AX web resources with the rest of us Microsoft Dynamics AX professionals. 

If you do create your own curation, check out the Curah! FAQ first and then be sure to comment on this blog post and share any AX-specific curations that you create. Happy Curating!