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Form ActivationDeactivation state

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 brings capability to Activate\Deactivate forms of type Main. In this blog we are going to discuss more about this.

How to Activate\Deactivate from Solution Explorer

User can set state for form via Activate\Deactivate command on Forms grid

  1. Navigate to Settings > Customization  > Customize the System or Solution Explorer

2. Navigate from left navigation to forms grid and select the form. You can find Activate\Deactivate option in command bar

      3. Don’t forget to publish customizations for changes to be effective.

Few things to note down related to form state:

  1. This is currently applicable for forms of type main. Quick\Mobile forms can’t be deactivated. They always remain in active state
  2. There should be at least one form of type main in Active state for an entity. System will not allow deactivating all forms of type main.

What’s Active\Inactive form does?

None of the user can see inactive forms. Inactive form will not show in form selector as well.

SDK User

If you want to Activate\Deactivate a particular form from SDK than you can simply call Update on SystemForm with “formactivationstate” as

0 – InActive

1 – Active.

Solution Scenario

Now going forward Formstate will always be exported with solution. If FormState is not mentioned in solution XML (When Solution exported from older release) than it’s defaulted to Active state.

New Org\Upgrade Org – Form State

You might have already observed that new forms with name same as entity display name are defined for updated entities. E.g. for Account entity you will find a new form of name “Account”. These forms are defined with new Information architecture which works well in auto flow.

New Organization – New forms will be in active state where as older forms will be in Inactive state. Users are highly recommended to user new forms

Upgraded Orgs – To retain customer behavior upgraded customer will not see any change in behavior. New forms will be in Inactive state. Users have to explicitly activate them.

You can leverage Merge Capabilities on form editor to bring your older form customization on new form.