New sample code for Dynamics CRM mobile development on Windows 8

Have you wanted to write Windows 8.1 store apps, including universal apps, that can access the Dynamics CRM web service but found the OAuth, SOAP, and OData technologies that CRM supports a bit much to grasp? Well, this sample code release should help to get you started!

The Microsoft.Crm.Sdk.Mobile source code sample is a partial re-implementation of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 SDK classes written as a Portable Class Library to facilitate development of store apps for Windows 8.1 desktop, tablets, and phones. The code makes use of the SOAP and OData protocols to issue web service method calls. An organization web service proxy and most of the message response/request classes in the CRM SDK have been implemented so that you do not have to manually create the OData or SOAP requests yourself. When writing apps that use this code, you don’t have to link to the CRM SDK assemblies to access the organization web service.

In addition, we are also providing a custom extension to the CrmSvcUtil.exe program that ships in the Dynamics CRM 2013 SDK. The purpose of this program is to generate C# or VB source code for mobile development containing early-bound entity types and option set types from the metadata of your CRM server. This code can then be included in your mobile app projects for access to both out-of-box and any custom or customized entities complete with support for Visual Studio IntelliSense.

A sample code file that demonstrates how to authenticate a universal app with the CRM organization web service using OAuth is included.

These samples are available now for download from CRM Service Utility for Mobile Development, Mobile Development Helper Code for Dynamics CRM.

A big thank you goes to the author, Kenichiro Nakamura of Microsoft, for all his hard work developing these samples.



Peter Hecke / Senior Programming Writer / Microsoft Dynamics CRM SDK