Trial balance Opening balances are incorrect after Fiscal year close


In some situations, if you check the opening balance amounts just after having executed the Fiscal year close Opening transactions process, you will see that the displayed values are incorrect.

What you see may be only “temporarily” incorrect: if you check again after a few minutes, the balances may have changed to show the expected values.

This is due to the way the Opening transactions process has been designed. When this process completes, a Dimension set rebuild process is generated automatically and run as a batch.

So, if you go straight to the Trial balance right after having ran the Opening transactions there is a good chance that the Dimension set rebuild batch process haven´t finished yet, and the balances you will see aren’t going to be the one you expect.

If you go to System administration > Inquiries > Batch jobs > Batch jobs, add a filter on Job description = Rebuild*, you should be able to check the Dimension set rebuild job status. As long as the status is Waiting or Executing, the balances will be incorrect.

One last thing: if you run the Opening transactions as a batch, the Dimension set rebuild will be part of the same batch, so the Opening balance amounts will be the correct ones as soon as the batch has finished.


I hope this is helpful!



Thanks to Sreepriya and Ryan.