Timesheet periods have not been created for employee..

Occasionally when you want to add a new Project Timesheet you might run into the following error message

‘Timesheet periods have not been created for:employee’


To overcome this message and create the timesheet you can apply this procedure

In this case I will assign Tim Litton to the period type ‘EmplWeekly’. In Human Resources\Workers\ I go to the Worker and then the ‘Project management’ tab and select ‘Project setup’


I fill out the setup and make sure I have defined the Period code


I then go to Project Management and accounting\Setup\Timesheets and select ‘Timesheet period types’. In here standing on the period type ‘EmplWeekly’ I press ‘Generate periods’ . I this case I define I want to create the period for 20 weeks and press OK


I then go back to the worker in Human Resources module and the Project management tab of the worker I press ‘Period status view’ to verify the periods have been defined


I go to Project Management and I can now add the Timesheet