A new video series for beginners to learn JavaScript 

2 min read

There’s a popular saying that reads “Any application that can be written in JavaScript will eventually be written in JavaScript.” Known as Atwood’s Law, it highlights the flexibility of the language: JavaScript is already everywhere and its popularity only continues to grow. Born of humble beginnings as an extension for the Netscape Navigator web browser Read more

More “Python for Beginners” videos…times two! 

2 min read

When Susan and I created the Python for Beginners series last fall, we had the goal of trying to help new developers make the transition into one of the most popular and flexible programming languages available. We focused on some of the most common features and attempted to bring you to the point where you Read more


A new video series for beginners to learn Python programming 

2 min read

Probably the largest hurdle when learning any new programming language is simply knowing where to get started. What’s important? What do I need to know to be proficient? It’s hard to follow docs when you’re not even sure what you’re reading. You might be taking a look at Python. Maybe you’re drawn because of its Read more