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Five ways companies are transforming marketing 

Digital transformation is essential to thriving and growing and in some cases, surviving in nearly every industry in every corner of the world. Making that transformation with minimal internal disruption and positive outcomes is the central goal of many organizations. Every organizations transformation must take careful consideration of its past, including legacy systems Read more...

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Strategic Storytelling: Make heroes happen  

Theres a reason Hollywood keeps making superhero movies. The good ones not only provide 190-minutes of action-packed adrenaline, they take us through the heros transformational journey, a quest everyone can relate to, made larger than life. It’s thrilling. A good story inspires us, and we are left rooting for the hero and wanting to hear...

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Power BI Dataflows September 2019 Feature Summary 

We are excited to announce new improvements to Power BI dataflows releasing this month including non-admin gateway support and further improvements to the enhanced compute engine. We also have released a new best practices guide for dataflows to help you make the best use of the new enhanced compute engine....

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