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How to determine what number sequence has been exceeded when generating a journal, posting a journal or any process that the system uses a number sequence to generate the next number.  When you are creating a new journal, vendor, customer, voucher, posting a journal or doing anything where the number sequence is used to generate...Read more
When you are creating vendor notifications and you are follow the steps in TechNet article “Manage notifications to vendors” – You may receive the following error message: “There is no valid vendor contact person recipient for this message. The notification was not sent.” if you have not linked acontact from the vendor to a...Read more
When you have a number sequence that is set to continuous and the number that pulls into the form is 000000 and is not a valid number. This is caused by the Stored Procedure not getting updated when the R2 in place upgrade process is complete.  We suspect that this problem may be due to...Read more
This post is to assist with voiding/canceling/reversing Vendor Payments that do not have check numbers that you cannot revers going through Bank and Cash Management. 1. Go to the All Vendors list page – Accounts Payable | Common | Vendors | All Vendors  2. In the All Vendors list page select the vendor that you...Read more