How to use the Automatic Billing Rule for Projects in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2 and AX2012 R3

This blog is for creating a Automatic Billing Rule in Project Accounting

Setup a Journal for Billing Rule Fee Journal – Project Management and Accounting | Setup | Project Management and Accounting Parameters

  1. Click the Journal link
  2. Select Billing Rule Fee Journal:
  3. Close the form


Create a new Project – Project Management and Accounting | Common | Projects | All Projects

  1. Click the Projects button in the New group of the Project tab
  2. Select the Project Type:
  3. Enter the Project Name
  4. Select the Project Group
  5. Click the New button next to the Project Contract ID
  6. Enter the Project Contract ID
  7. Enter the Name
  8. Select Funding Type: Customer
  9. Select the Funding Source
  10. Click Ok
  11. Click Ok
  12. Expand the Budget and Forecast fast tab
  13. Click the Edit button
  14. Mark the Use Budget Control checkbox
  15. Select Transaction Type Controlled: Cost Only
  16. Click the Edit button
  17. Click the Project Budget button in the Budget group of the Plan tab
  18. Expand the Costs fast tab
  19. Click the New button
  20. Select the Project
  21. Select Transaction Type: Hours
  22. Select Category
  23. Enter the Original Budget
  24. Push it through workflow
  25. Close the Project Budget form
  26. Click the Project Stage button in the Maintain group of the Project tab and select In Process
  27. Expand the General fast tab
  28. Click the Project Contract ID link
  29. Click the Billing Rule button in the Setup group of the Project Contract tab *NOTE* – In AX 2012 R3 this button was moved to a fast tab in the Project Contract form. – Expand the Billing Rules fast tab 
  30. Click the New button – AX2012 R2 in AX2012 R3
  31. Click the Add button
  32. Select the Line Type: Progress
  33. Enter the Contract Value: 200,000
  34. Select the Project
  35. Select the Category 
  36. Expand the Project fast tab
  37. Select the Project
  38. Click Add
  39. AX2012 R3 Screenshot
  40. AX2012 R2 screenshot
  41. Click the Chargeable Categories button
  42. Select the Category
  43. Click Add
  44. Close the form
  45. Close the Billing Rules form
  46. Close the Project Contract form
  47. Click the Hours button in the Journals group of the Project tab
  48. Click the New button
  49. Select the Journal from the Name dropdown 
  50. Click the Lines button
  51. Change the Category:
  52. Enter the Hours: 20 
  53. Click the General tab
  54. Verify there is a Cost Price and Sales Price 
  55. Click the Post button
  56. Click Ok
  57. Close the Infolog
  58. In the Project Contracts form click the Project Invoice Proposal button in the Bill group of the Maintain tab
  59. Click the Invoice Proposal  from Billing Rule button in the New group in the Invoice Proposal tab 
  60. Click Ok
  61. Click Post in the Functions group of the Invoice Proposal tab
  62. Click OK
  63. Click Ok if prompted
  64. Close the Invoice Proposals button
  65. In the Project Contracts form click the Manage Contract Status button in the Process group of the Maintain tab

 As you can see I was able to generate the invoice proposal and I can see the total percent complete updated.


How to use the Manual Billing Rule for Projects in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2 and AX2012 R3