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In this article, you will find detailed instructions, on how to inspect content of a D365FO meta data hotfix. The article describes a manual approach as well as running PowerShell scripts to extract the underlying dependencies of hotfixes and affected objects. All descriptions are in attached “Inspecting a D365FO Meta Data Hotfix Content.docx” document. Inspecting-a-D365FO-Meta-Data-Hotfix-Content2...Read more
Applies to AX 2012 R2 & AX 2012 R3 Consider the following scenario: When a form is created in AX 2012 RTM or AX 2012 R2 and a ManagedHost control is added on its design, like “Microsoft.Dynamics.AX.Framework.Client.Controls.ChartToolBar”. Then when the form is deployed on a newer AX version, e.g. AX 2012 R3 environment,  the form no...Read more
Tested on AX 2012 R3 and TFS 2013 The code merging window is not popping up as expected in TFS 2013. This is probably caused by the changes made to the merge tool of TFS 2013 according to this article : Workaround suggestion: Install the Visual Studio 2010 Team Exploreron on developers machines (Download link):...Read more
For the AX 2012 R2/R3, there is a field in the staging table called ReleaseProductCompany.   You need to add a column into your import file for the”ReleaseProductCompany” field and define what additional companies you want the product to be released on during the DIXF product import.        ...Read more
The CacheLookup property of the table defines how and when records are cached. The below definition is valid for the “EntireTable” cache type: EntireTable   Creates a set-based cache on the server.   The entire table is cached as soon as at least one      record is selected from the table. So, if the table cache is set to...Read more
If you cannot open the Service Configuration editor out of the Client configuration tool you can use the following workaround: 1. Open the Client configuration tool 2. Click the Configure Services button 3. Receive the error message that it can’t open the Service Configuration editor. 7. Open the Service Configuration editor manually from the Start...Read more
If you receive an error message like: Maximum number of items that can be serialized or deserialized in an object graph is ‘65535’. And the Article: Is not fixing the issue for you. Please use the following steps:   PART 1 Ax32serv.exe.config need to be updated in your system to match the below...Read more
  Issue description: AX 2012 R3 – A user cannot sync to a Document Template Library with federated authentication and no error message displays,but If you are logged into SharePoint site and try attaching the file then, it works fine. Workaround suggestion: Setup is completed following the article below: Configure and use Microsoft Dynamics AX...Read more
AX 2012 R2/R3 We have in support received some queries for recommendations moving the AXModelStore from a Model database to another Model database with different collation. Conclusion:  The AXModelStore file we create is specific to SQL_Latin collations, saying that, for metadata, AX only supports the SQL_Latin… collation on string fields, and that is why even Model...Read more
What to select in Visual Studio under Tools > Options > Source Control as “Plug-in Selection”, when using TFS as Dynamics AX 2012 Version Control System?   Recommendation: When you select Microsoft Dynamics AX Version Control (This is what recommended to select), you are selecting the Version Control that must be managed by AX. You...Read more
Versions: AX 2009/2012R2/2012R3 – not 2012RTM/FP We introduced the possibility to enhance the Security for Microsoft Dynamics AX Server client communication. By default we are using a Kerberos and NTLM mix. This stays unchanged if you don’t set any Registry Key. For switching of the NTLM authentication in your environment we have now the possibility...Read more
Recently more and more cases are popping up related to:  “Unable to update or remove Dynamics AX components as you can’t choose any component” These cases are to 99% related to the fact that someone deleted files from the Windows installer folder. Please have a look at the articles like: Snipp……………………….. So, the question usually asked...Read more