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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Webinar: Introduction to Dynamics 365 for Talent

The war for talent is more than a trending headline–it’s a reflection of an increasingly competitive landscape where people with the right skillset are in short supply. Savvy business leaders are embracing a talent success mindset, as they know how important employer brand and culture are to attracting A- players that deliver business results. This...

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Attending HR Tech? Connect with Microsoft!

This week, Microsoft will be at the world’s leading conference and expo for HR and IT professionals—HR Technology Conference—to share best practices to adopt technology to accelerate culture change.  Our event theme—Big Data. Small Data. All Data.—will  showcase Microsoft’s complete platform that connects and operationalizes HR data. If you’re headed to Las Vegas for the...

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Transform talent acquisition and land top talent over competitors

The U.S. unemployment rate is at its lowest in nearly two decades, there’s a shortage of skilled candidates in numerous fields, and job hunters are savvier and more selective about who they’ll work for. After years of having the job market stacked in their favor, talent acquisition leaders and hiring managers now face stiff competition...

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