Attending HR Tech? Connect with Microsoft!

This week, Microsoft will be at the world’s leading conference and expo for HR and IT professionals—HR Technology Conference—to share best practices to adopt technology to accelerate culture change.  Our event theme—Big Data. Small Data. All Data.—will  showcase Microsoft’s complete platform that connects and operationalizes HR data.

If you’re headed to Las Vegas for the show, we invite you to stop by our booth and attend three engaging sessions featuring experts from the Microsoft 365, Workplace Analytics, Microsoft HR, and Dynamics 365 teams. Take note of our exhibit location and sessions below and read on for a preview of what to expect.

Expo Hall

Visit our booth to meet the Microsoft team, get a demo of upcoming features, and learn how to modernize hiring, engage employees, and get people insights. We look forward to meeting you!


Wednesday, September 12, 2018: 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM

HR3 | Modern HR: 8 Ways Technology Accelerates Culture Change

Room: Delfino 4102 Session Number: HR3

Digital transformation and people transformation go hand-in-hand. Yet in this environment of change, how do you evolve your workforce and at the same time, shape your culture for success? Technology can be a great force multiplier in change management and communication, helping shift the mindset and behavior changes you want to see in your workforce. In this session, Justin Thenutai, Senior Director, Global Talent Acquisition for Microsoft, will discuss 8 ways companies can use technology to connect and communicate at scale, measure and refine cultural transformation initiatives, and accelerate culture change efforts.

Thursday, September 13, 2018: 2:20 PM – 2:40 PM

HR Tech Talk | Modern HR: Test your Microsoft for HR Tech IQ

Room: Expo – HR Tech Talks Theater 2928 Session Number: HR Tech Talk

Lydia Williams and Michele Ballinger from the Dynamics 365 for Talent team, will host a fun game that tests your knowledge of how Microsoft tech is helping to transform the HR function—lots of fun and prizes are in store, so don’t miss out.

Thursday, September 13, 2018: 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Microsoft Demo: Modern HR – Microsoft Technology in Action

Room: Demo Room #1 (Rear of Expo)

Come see how to modernize your workplace with Microsoft solutions for HR. We’ll show live demos of how you can screen in talent, connect to collaborate and turn people data into insights. Leave here and hit the ground running with Dynamics 365 for Talent, Microsoft 365 (including Teams) and Workplace Analytics.

What you’ll learn

We have seen an exponential growth of digital connectivity, devices, technology, and data. And yet, our workplaces and workforces still operate according to the early 20th-century assembly line models of repetition, efficiency, and scale. Modern workplaces are more than just exceptional places to work—they are cultures where people are inspired and empowered to innovate, create, and collaborate. Achieving this vision requires HR to build a modern workforce—bringing together people to pursue their passions and realize their purpose. A modern workforce is made up of connected people. At this year’s HR Tech, we are excited to showcase how to:

  • Connect to collaborate and communicate at scale with Microsoft 365
  • Connect collaboration to business outcomes and make better business decisions with Workplace Analytics
  • Connect your entire hiring team and transform talent acquisition with Dynamics 365 for Talent

Connect to engage employees

The workforce of today thrives in an environment of collaboration and engagement, yet research shows that an astonishingly high percentage of full-time employees are disengaged at work. Learn how you can improve employee engagement in your organization and empower people in the modern workplace with Microsoft 365.

  • Foster agile collaboration with modern tools for teamwork.
  • Provide employees with the tools to work from anywhere while keeping employee and company information secure.
  • Accelerate cultural transformation through effective employee engagement and communications.

Connect to deliver people insights

Workplace Analytics uses everyday work from Office 365 to connect collaboration patterns to business outcomes. It gives business leaders new visibility into the way work happens across their organization and shows how collaboration influences people productivity and engagement.

  • Quantify your organization’s collaboration patterns like meeting quality, manager engagement, and employee network depth and breadth.
  • Visualize insights and track changes over time with built-in dashboards.
  • Map behaviors to manager performance, employee engagement, and other outcomes data.

Connect to modernize hiring

Elevate your employer brand and increase offer acceptance by optimizing your candidate experiences. Increase quality of hire with streamlined job postings, assessments, interviews, offers and onboarding. Dynamics 365 for Talent empowers your HR organization and people managers with the tools they need to win top talent and enable their success.

  • Quickly find the right people by connecting to LinkedIn Recruiter.
  • Improve offer acceptance rates and time-to-hire by connecting candidates, recruiters, and hiring teams.
  • Drive talent success with connected onboarding experiences.

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