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Within Update 2 of Microsoft Dynamics AX, it is now possible to check which hot-fixes are installed. From Visual Studio, under the Dynamics AX menu, select Addins > Apply Hotfix. Then in the Apply Hotfix form, select the View Installed Hotfixes tab. However, in RTW and Update 1 it was not so straight forward to...Read more
If you find that you are missing entities listed in the Data entities form, you can try the following steps. Run the following SQL Script: — — This source code or script is freeware and is provided on an “as is” basis without warranties of any kind, — whether express or implied, including without limitation...Read more
In a recent issue, a customer was reporting a problem exporting data using the data management framework. The issue was that during the export they were leaving the “Skip staging” option to “Yes”, which is the default option. When the export of the entity was run, it reported that it had failed and there seemed...Read more
[Updated March 31 2017 for R2 Kernel] The following kernel hot-fixes for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 and R2, KB 3141722 (R3) & KB 4017756 (R2) , improve the way we handle the tables created in TempDB. As you may be aware, TempDB is a transient database, that means when SQL is started or after a cluster...Read more
  This specific issue occurs only when using the state transfer tool in AX 2009. The problem is as follows: We create new records in the Shadow_DirPartyRelationship. The unique index on this references RefRecId. The RefRecId will become the RecId for DirPartyRelationship during the bulk copy in AX 2012. We use the SystemSequences NextVal from...Read more
This error message can be a little misleading as it implies that it is related to some security permissions not being configured correctly. In some cases this can be the case, however it can also be a problem with running CIL code. This can especially occur when you are going through the code upgrade steps....Read more
I recently had a trace from a customer that had around 60 different sessions. I was trying to find a specific SQL statement in one of the sessions that I had identified in a SQL blocking trace. However I didn’t want to manually select each session to look for it, and there is no other...Read more
Resolving a SQL SPID to an AX user can be useful when trying to diagnose performance or blocking issues on the database server. As some of you are aware, in AX 2012 it is now possible to track an AX user to a specific SQL SPID. This is documented here: As you are also...Read more
This is the scenario: You are performing an In-Place upgrade from Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 CU3+ to AX 2012 R2, and have “Foundation Labels II” installed in the model store. After completing the upgrade you will find that the labels for Tier 2 Countries (the ones that were originally in the Foundation Labels II model),...Read more