The Perfect Follow-Up to the AX 2012 Launch–The AX EMEA Technical Conference!

WOW what a great AX 2012 launch week last week, we're blown away by the excitement, energy, and feedback to getting this product into the marketplace.  THANK YOU to all our customers, partners, and colleagues for all their hard work and effort leading up to last Thursday!

However, as we all know, our job is just beginning!  This amazing product really does change the way people work, interact with data, make decisions, and drive their organizations to be all that more productive and competitive.  But while trite phrases like "game changer, "this changes everything," and "the next level" are being bantered about a lot right, but we all know the reality is that the product doesn't just start delivering on its promise when you click on the "I agree" button on the licensing agreement page.

In that regard, due to the huge demand and great feedback we received from our first AX Technical Conference in January here in Redmond, we're offering a 2nd event focused on our EMEA partners, prospects, and customers this November in Nice, France.  Registration opened just an hour or so ago, and already hundreds of folks are signing up!  Follow the link HERE to sign up yourself.  While you don't have to be from Europe, the Middle East, OR Africa to attend this great event, we received so much feedback from our European community who wanted an event held closer to them that we just couldn't say no!  Note that early bird registration ends in a few weeks, and like in Redmond, space IS limited and we believe we'll sell out, so don't you miss out!

The AX EMEA Technical Conference will be filled with great hands-on sessions, labs, instructor led training, and information that will help you prepare yourselves, your organizations, and your customers to leverage this product to its fullest.  The feedback from the event in January in Redmond resulted in some of the highest satisfaction scores ever recorded for a Microsoft event–not just Dynamics, but Microsoft!  So we're confident that you'll come back from the Riviera not with a suntan–it IS mid-November after all–but with the information you need to be successful with AX 2012.

Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback on this event, we're here to help–and we look forward to seeing you all in Nice in a few months!