How to print BOL from Transportation Management without using Warehouse Management

I have recently worked with partners and customers utilizing Transportation Management but without intending to use Warehouse Management. There were general concerns with this is there are functions within Transportation Management that seemingly assume that correlating Warehouse Management Setup and Configuration be intact. For example, assume that you want to utilize Rating and routing functionality in Transportation Management to generate the Bill of Lading without having to use Warehouse Management work. Consider the following processes deployed in an attempt to accomplish this scenario:

  • Create a new Sales Order which contains an Item for which is Transportation Management enabled. (NOTE:  The Warehouse on the Sales Order must be one that is Warehouse Management enable. This must be the case so that the Sales Order line(s) can be added to a new Load)
  • The Sales Order is saved and reserved against on-hand Inventory.
  • Through the Load Planning Workbench, the Sales Order line is added to a New Load.
  • From the Load Planning Workbench, the Load is then Rated and Routed using the Rating and Routing Workbench. Using the Rating and Routing Workbench, the Load is assigned to a Route.
  • The Sales Order itself is then Picked and the Picking List Registration is performed.
  • After the Sales Order itself is Picked, the Confirm | Outbound Shipment is performed against the Load for which the Sales Order line(s) are assigned against.

At this point in time, the expectation is that you should be able to print a Bill of Lading from the Load Planning Workbench. However, when you select to print the Bill of Lading from the Load Planning Workbench, nothing happens as the call to the SSRS report is never made. The reason why the Bill of Lading will not print using these steps is because AX expects there to be a record in the WHSSHIPMENTTABLE record tied to the Load. Because there isn’t a WHSSHIPMENTTABLE record, the Bill of Lading will not print.

The concern at this point is that you’d have to go through the process of creating Warehouse Management Work and completing the Work to simply create a WHSSHIPMENTTABLE record so that a Bill of Lading could be generated. Remember, the whole idea here is that we don’t want to be forced to have to complete Warehouse Management work as the idea is that we don’t want to even use Warehouse Management processes.

WORKAROUND:  In order to print a Bill of Lading without having to fully utilize Warehouse Management processes, you can take an approach of:

1.  Assign a Staging location type and Final shipping location type in Warehouse Management parameters. (NOTE:  If one does not exist, you will need to simply create a Location type in Warehouse management | Setup | Warehouse setup | Location types.)\

2.  After confirming the Outbound Shipment from the Load Planning Workbench form, you simply have to click the Release | Release to Warehouse button. This will prompt an InfoLog suggesting that a Shipment record has been created. (NOTE: This action itself creates a record in WHSSHIPMENTTABLE. This does not create Work in Warehouse Management, so nothing further is needed in Warehouse Management)

3.  Because a record now exists in WHSSHIPMENTTABLE, you can successfully print the Bill of Lading without requiring additional unnecessary Warehouse Management processes/steps.


In order to print the Bill of Lading without requiring Warehouse Management Work be performed, you simply:

  • Need a Staging location type and Final shipping location type specified in Warehouse Management Parameters.
  • Need to perform Release | Release to warehouse step after Confirming Outbound Shipment.

This will allow you to print a Bill of Lading from the Load Planning Workbench.