Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online patterns & principles for solution builders

Applies to: CRM Online

In the world of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the shift to the cloud is well underway. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is growing by leaps and bounds, including sales to massive customers with huge user counts. If you’re a partner in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM channel, it’s important that you understand what this means for the solutions you build for customers who want Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

You may believe that the difference between building a solution for an on-premises and an online deployment consists of a few technical details, like the requirement to use FetchXML for reports in online deployments, or the requirement to sandbox plugins. But in reality, the differences are much deeper than that. To truly build a high-quality solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, you need to do more than simply build the on-premises way and then check a few extra boxes.

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online patterns & principles for solution builders whitepaper describes the new mindset required to successfully design solutions for online deployment. Check it out at the following location!

Download: Patterns and Principles for CRM Online Solution Builders.pdf

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