Coffee Break: Automate it, part 2

This is a continuation of our previous post, with further examples of how to utilize Windows PowerShell from Dynamics NAV. The samples provided here just demonstrate how easy it can be to integrate the two, so you can build on this using any of the great (Dynamics NAV) PowerShell tools out there from a familiar development environment. For example, to collect system locale (local codepage) from your server, you only need to call on the following two routines:

 RunPS('Get System Locale','DisplayName');

Where the DisplayName is the return value you are looking for.

The idea here is to help finding ways to simplify and automate supporting customers and users. This time we also provided an option of collecting the details you may need using a default installation configuration, with Network Service as the Dynamics NAV Server account. The examples provided are for illustration and we look forward to hearing from you about useful scenarios that could be sampled here.

The sample objects are included in this attachment: navdiag1-1

The Coffee Break Team