New Study Highlights the Role Technology Plays in Accelerating Digital Transformation

In a recent MIT Sloan Management Review report, Aligning the Organization for Its Digital Focus, nearly 90% of more than 3500 business executives from around the globe said they anticipate their industries will be moderately or greatly disrupted by digital trends.

So what are these and other organizations doing to prepare?

Recently, Microsoft commissioned Forrester Consulting to better understand if, and how, enterprise organizations around the globe are pursuing digital strategies. According to the study, which polled more than 250 senior business executives across Brazil, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States, almost half (47%) said their organization has already developed a full strategy for digital transformation that not only lays out how they will use digital assets to create new sources of value for their customers and grow revenue – but also how they will create greater operational agility in service of their customers.

A lesser percentage, 39%, said they currently only have a limited digital transformation strategy in place. For these organizations, their strategy does not involve actively pursuing new business models to drive revenue growth, but rather “bolting on” digital elements to their existing business model.

Of the remaining executives polled, 12% said their organization had no digital transformation strategy in place, but were in the process of developing one. The other 2% said their organization has no plans to develop a digital transformation strategy.

A compelling finding in this study was the success being achieved by those organizations that not only had a full digital transformation strategy in place, but had their CRM, ERP, business intelligence and productivity technologies incorporated and aligned. These organizations were experiencing notable gains in key business outcomes compared to others:

Interested in learning more about how other organizations are approaching digital transformation, along with the outcomes they’re seeking, the challenges they’re facing and the improvements they’re realizing?

Read this new Forrester study commissioned by Microsoft, Accelerating Digital Transformation with Technology.

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