Customer service webinar series: Optimizing the customer service agent

We know customer service is changing, but what about the role of customer service agents? Customers are more demanding and want to own the conversation, and expectations continue to rise, raising the bar higher and higher. Then there’s the introduction of automation—artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, chatbots, and self-service.

Technology can be the catalyst for significant change into an agent’s day-to-day activities. Often, there is a learning curve when it comes to taking on and mastering new technologies, and this can be perceived as a daunting challenge for agents. There’s a cost for the business to implement new technologies as well, but there is also a cost to the workforce. Will the technology eventually replace the agent?

Sometimes agents can be reluctant to take on new technology fearing automation will cannibalize their roles. Although most technologies will serve to help agents perform their jobs more efficiently, introducing new technology will always impact the role of the agent. Deploying chatbots and artificial intelligence can be significant tools that help agents succeed in creating a positive customer experience. This same technology can also allow agents to focus on more complex issues, enriching their role. The data collected by chatbots or virtual agents and other AI tools can be an immense resource for customer service managers in identifying opportunities for improvement within the customer service schema.

So how is technology changing the agent landscape? How are agents managing the transition? How do you create a highly trained workforce to efficiently manage complex issues while automating routine tasks? Agents want a career, not just a job so how do you retain skilled agents while ensuring a high quality customer experience?

Don’t miss part three of this webinar series with thinkJar founder and industry thought leader, Esteban Kolsky. Esteban will answer these questions and share findings from interviews with 124 customer service professionals in the thinkJar 2018 Customer Service Report. Esteban and Microsoft experts will discuss what customer service professionals are doing now and planning for in the future.

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And if you missed, Part 1 or 2, no problem! Watch the replays now.

Part 1: The Evolving Role of Customer Service

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Part 2: The New Age of Customer Service

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